2024.2.29 - 3.23

The flow is vast and endless, unstoppable, now and forever. 

Occasionally we can dodge it or stand up to it, but we just go with the flow. 

Even if it goes unexpectedly, let us keep it that flow. 

There are unknown paths and exciting things to be had. Sometimes, unpredictable paths are fun. 

Moments come with the flow. 

MOTAS is an art unit formed in 2012 by BOYA and TOMO. BOYA had been doing graffiti, and TOMO had worked on projects such as stop-motion films, which are two artists from different genres who have combined their unique perspectives on human emotions in their artwork. The canvas works, and mural works created by BOYA's drawings and TOMO's sense of color evoke a mysterious warmth that transcends storytelling, time period, and regional characteristics. They have been inspired by underground, punk culture, iconography(Ed Roth, Raymond Pettibon), traditional Japanese tattoos(Horiyoshi III), animation(Hayao Miyazaki) and technopop music(Ryuichi Sakamoto). And they show originality through a combination of graphic design, typography, illustration and abstract painting. 

In recent years, they have expanded the scope of their creations with the motif of “BLEYE”, a character with a bent middle finger, and three small “OOOS” in red, blue, and yellow. These characters signify that "no matter what the situation, tomorrow will come, and we will live while carrying something on our backs". For in-depth narratives, BLEYE has evolved over the years and gradually elicits our sympathy through its lifelike appearance. MOTAS' universe appears in various areas such as canvas work, brand collaboration, products, and murals.