2023.11.10 - 12.2

Every moment in our lives is a miracle we should enjoy instead of ignoring.

from Yoko Ono (1933~)

Fanko dreams of communicating with the world through creative activities based on her daily life. Life goes by and many things happen. Through paintings, she wants to remember the ordinary emotions that we miss or almost forget as time passes by. She said, “The character in the painting is myself, the artist, and at the same time symbolize the people around me. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to them, and sometimes I feel like I'm listening to their story. I am fascinated by the shift of identity as this.” 

The main character in the painting sometimes is an adult and sometimes a child. This emotion is what she feels about herself, and it is constantly being switched and overturned in her mind. The transition of a moment is the essence of her existence and identity. She is growing as a human being and an artist by depicting the ordinary emotions felt in everyday situations that combine self and others, the complex and the simple, the realistic and the imaginary. The story is told in a comfortable and natural way through the familiar style of the main character in the painting. Recently, she has been expanding her medium to include acrylic paint, oil pastel, pencil, photography, animation, and ceramics.