2023.10.6 - 10.28

Don’t think about making art, just get it done.

Andy Warhol (1928~1987)

Maw communicates with the world through his character ‘MikeL’. Drawn with some simple and bold lines, MikeL has become a Maw’s iconic character for 16 years, having appeared on the streets of Tokyo. Maw's work has been carried out simultaneously in various areas, including street art centered on graffiti, brand collaboration, design, and painting. It is meaningless to divide his creativity into art and non-art. Maw continues to draw a smiley face character named MikeL with stickers, markers and sprays. Also he has recently been expanding his medium by actively showing paintings through gallery exhibitions. The new works for this exhibition is his first attempt to depict four canvases as one story. Considering that he always minimizes explanations of images, this new works are special works that are easy for viewers to understand. The narrative of situations, contexts, and relationships that stand out in the painting makes MikeL's identity deeper and conveys a variety of emotions. 

Yok majored in architecture in college. He established his own unique painting style that harmonizes clear lines and simple figures based on drawing influenced by architecture. He is mainly inspired by architecture, fashion, and everyday life. As a collection of feelings gained from various stimuli, his painting is revealing the freespirited artist himself. He says “At some point in our lives, we feel emotions that we cannot simply explain. There are feelings we keep bottled up and when we try to express it, we still feel like there's something more to it.” The sun, clouds and the dog-like fantasy creatures with human expression, as well as the women with pure body rhythm and the combination of fancy colors allow the viewers to feel joy, vitality and freedom.