2023.9.1 - 9.24

“Rien n’est transmissible que la pensée.”

- Le Corbusier, 1887~1965

The contrast between characters and furniture in my works creates an interesting relationship. I’m not sure if people are attracted to the lovely cartoon images or just admire the beauty of furniture design. But if they look at the painting with interest, they will come closer and closer to a classic. 

CC creates an adorable polar bear character with a design art background. ‘Ku’ as a main character, ‘Mu’ and ‘La’ are naturally belong to life composed of furniture, architecture, and design objects. Due to the harmony of characters, designs, and everyday elements, his paintings gain a sense of cuteness and vitality. 

In CC's paintings, along with the characters, the most important thing is furniture. Design furniture that have now become a classic appear as objects representing everyday life, cultural products made by humans, and symbols of the masterpiece. For example, the Chandigarh Chair is a representative contemporary piece of furniture designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret for the city of Chandigarh. CC said, “The simplicity and elegance of the Chandigarh chair showed Le Corbusier's outstanding artistic achievement and have quickly become a classic in furniture art history.” 

CC has a his own perspective on paintings. Art transcends time and space and continuously affects humans. He believes that a classic, which has become an immortal cultural heritage in all areas of furniture, design, music, drama, philosophy and painting, evokes eternal emotions and resonance in humans. The contrast between the characters and a classic multiplies the novelty, emotion, and interpretation method.