2023.2.3 - 2.25

I choose my own feelings. Today, I choose happiness.

from [Alice in Wonderland] (Lewis Carroll, 1865)

The cloud girl is inspired by the Japanese drama Elegance Ev. The heroine in the drama wears a mask, then takes off the mask and wears her hair in an afro. Beiqiqi thought that taking off the mask means letting go of others’ expectations and becoming one’s true self. The visual image of Afro hair, which contains the meaning of selfliberation, was expressed as a cloud in her paintings. The cloud, as a symbol of one’s inner self and soul, means gentle healing and stability. The artist said, “I seek a little sense of belonging and self-forgiveness under the clouds. The cloud girl in the painting travels through time and space, bringing fragments of memories she has read, heard, and felt to a surreal space. Despite her clouded head, all wounds and damaged memories are healed, and she grows brave in her memory and imagination. I hope many people will come out of their clouds, be themselves and live the life of their dreams freely.”

Beiqiqi is creating her own art world like this. Vivid and rich colors express a diverse sense of space. They evoke fantastic and brilliant hope. And the thick texture effect of the background emphasizes the power of the cloud girl. The artist will continue to change the cloud girl to become softer and more powerful. The artist said, “change is a good thing. Artistic creation is a choice between certainty and uncertainty, happiness and unhappiness among many possibilities. Perhaps uncertainty and change are choices for peace of mind”. The uncertainty is the great driving force of for creativity. And the metaphorical story that seems to continue to revolve around the painting infinitely expands the imagination of the viewers.