2023.4.14 - 5.6

The objects I paint appear to me like symbols or subjects.

Like letters of an alphabet which create a language, 
that might not ever be fully understandable, 
but somehow comprehensible for everybody 
and therefore becomes some kind of truth.

And to me, this is nothing else than the beauty of uncertainty.

Stefan Jeske

The objects expressed in Stefan Jeske's paintings function not as representations of real objects or patterns, but as expressions of 'symbols' or 'subjects' of something. He begins to paint the background. The background makes people imagine an open space like a landscape or clouds, but visual depth is created as various objects are placed on it. The simple structure and clear colors are intuitively recognized, but the meaning is not easily read.

He said, “as we all know, life was not meant to be nice, clean and easy and so I let this pretended sublimity collide with more uncomfortable and sometimes just banal aspects of life”. To express this, the artist carefully selects the subject and carefully composes the canvas. Furthermore titles are an integral part of his work. Titles frame the painting, push it further, or even put it into a different or broader context. They can be lines of songs, trivial pieces of wisdom, sociopolitical considerations or just subjective reflections that matter to him.

Stefan deals with the general themes of human life, such as the contemporary, history, social politics, philosophy, and culture. He said “all my paintings show a somehow naive, sometimes satiric imagery that tries to deal with the contradictions, the distractions and noises of our society and the void and sense of loss that can occur, while watching this world happening”. He’s completely aware of the fact, that every thought in a humans mind will become even more uncertain, the harder one tries to understand. His efforts to express the theme of uncertainty as clearly as possible can seem like a reckless and bizarre fight. Stefan's work, which tries to find harmony in the midst of friction and resistance of many meanings, is ‘the beauty of uncertainty' itself. What do we know?

Can humans reach certain truths?